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Why CBC?

CBC’s team of passionate, dedicated, and highly specialized employees are hand-picked based on your specific product lines, business, organizational and supply chain strategy needs to ensure seamless integration.

Custom BrokerageReliability, responsiveness, and agility

As a leading international freight forwarder and customs broker, CBC ensures visibility, speed, and minimal variability for you and your customers. In today’s increasingly competitive world of international trade, CBC understands that customer demands are constantly changing. Due to globalization and international sourcing, the scope and complexities of every supply chain is increasing. CBC is dedicated to keeping up with the constantly-changing conditions of the world and shaping the logistics industry to best suit your business’s needs.

Foundation of respect, honesty, and quality care

CBC Customhouse Brokers was founded in 1983 by industry veterans with a vision to revolutionize logistics by building its industry around the principles of respect, honesty, and quality care for all of its customers. Forty years later, CBC is proudly preserving these principles while simultaneously setting industry standards by making continuous advancements in logistical operations by integrating customer interests and current technologies to the business.

Dedicated and highly-specialized employees

CBC Customhouse Brokers is a family owned and operated First-tier global logistics company. By sharing a common vision through collaboration, collective insight, and communication, CBC’s team of over 100 well-trained professionals will work together in tandem with over 250 trusted and dedicated agents worldwide to build a solution that satisfies your specific requirements and customers’ demands.

CBC - Air Freight

CBC is unique

By maintaining the traditions and foundations that the company was built upon while incorporating technology that is cutting edge and forward thinking, CBC has remained a leader in its tier for more than four decades. CBC’s goal has always remained the same—to provide you with the respect, honesty, and quality care that you deserve, so that you may focus on your core competencies and feel confident that your products are delivered to the right place and at the right time at a competitive price.

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