Through ongoing and extensive training in the requirements and regulations involved in transporting hides, CBC International has maintained its status as an industry-leader of importing and exporting hides for over 40 years. Our top priority is that our internal teams understand the importance and specialized care required in the transportation of animal hides.

We only cooperate with our preferred carriers and qualified packaging partners to ship our hides. Working with industry experts that understand the importance of protecting these special commodities adds an additional level of accountability to our processes. Through our implementation of expedited transportation models, we can deliver your hides in pristine condition to their destinations with reduced sailing times.

CBC ships containers with plastic linings and other impervious materials based on industry specifications to prevent tearing of the liner on burrs, nails, and other protrusions. Providing liners direct to our carriers is a service that is greatly appreciated by many of our hide producers. We protect your hides by ensuring the containers have sufficient ventilation and are loaded properly to provide adequate airflow to all of your cargo.

Our distributed network of carriers, suppliers, and partners are equipped to deliver the required equipment almost anywhere in the United States. Whether your freight is in Kansas City or Omaha, we have the capability to provision the right equipment for the job in an expedited manner.

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