CBC evaluates and finalizes your rate with parcel carriers in order to obtain the most competitive parcel rates from parcel carrier service providers. The first step is to examine our client’s historical and/or forecast shipping volumes and the current agreements. With those items in mind, we establish a target range for the discounts and incentives by service based upon our client experience, judgment, and current market conditions.

Within Parcel Negotiations we will also:

  • Gather and analyze parcel shipment histories.
  • Review and evaluate current parcel agreements.
  • Determine the target range for discounts and incentives by service.
  • Prepare and direct Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to the parcel carriers.
  • Review and evaluate the RFP responses.
  • Conduct carrier negotiations.
  • Determine the cost implications of proposed agreements.
  • Assist in reviewing, finalizing and executing the parcel agreements.
  • Connect you with highly qualified parcel audit services.