Supply Chain Solutions

Reducing freight costs, which continues to be the largest logistics cost, often shows directly on the bottom line since the costs are external and variable. These costs and levels of service are affected by an array of variables, from regulatory changes to fuel prices. Yet, these costs are typically poorly understood and only minimally reviewed and audited, and more than money is at stake. Customer service and company reputation, for example, are both greatly affected by the ability to get goods to the market in a reliable and timely manner.

CBC will design and optimize your transportation system so that we deliver the right service to you and your customers. To get the most efficient system, we start with the customer’s requirements and make sure that the specifications are customized, consolidations maximized, and the best modes chosen. Through a systematic methodology, we deliver results from process improvements to carrier selection and rate negotiation.

CBC provides solutions and implementation techniques for your supply chain in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. We take a fundamental approach that minimizes the total landed cost

Our services start with customizing your transportation system and applying the best shipping techniques and tools to freight tendering and negotiations. We also offer:

  • Supply chain consulting
  • Parcel negotiations
  • LTL negotiations
  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism- (C-TPAT)

CBC can help you reduce your freight costs significantly while securing consistent and competitive shipping service to you or your customers. A big factor in doing this is to leverage synergies in your freight flows to consolidate and use more advantageous modes. CBC combines deep transportation expertise with evaluation tools and our benchmarking practices to:

  • Analyze and review your transportation system.
  • Identify opportunities for savings, cost reductions and service improvements.
  • Develop improvement programs for reducing costs and/or improving service.
  • Survey and benchmark your outbound, inbound and inter-company freight costs.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of modes and carriers.
  • Negotiate rates and identify best carriers (LTL, TL, parcel and intermodal).
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